Credit Training Curriculum

Credit Training Curriculum

A Complete Set of Credit Training Solutions

Edge Development Group offers a complete set of credit training courses for our clients in the financial services industry. Our Credit Training Curriculum consists of eight courses designed to provide bankers at all levels with the credit analysis and loan structuring skills required to make sound lending decisions.

Commercial Lending Fundamentals

Commercial Lending Fundamentals is designed to provide the skills and confidence necessary for bankers who may not be directly involved in the credit approval process, but who work with small business customers on a regular basis.

For those bankers who require a more in-depth set of credit skills, Edge offers a series of three courses that together provide learners with the core skills necessary to make sound decisions when lending to companies of any size. Although any of the three courses in this series can be used effectively individually, they are also designed to work together to provide a comprehensive skill set for new hires or experienced employees.

Financial Accounting for Bankers

Financial Accounting for Bankers is a course that reviews the fundamental concepts of accounting to prepare learners to master the more analytical skills involved in credit analysis.

Commercial Credit Analysis

Commercial Credit Analysis is structured to provide bankers with a complete set of analytical skills necessary to evaluate business lending opportunities and encourages learners to look beyond financial ratios to evaluate overall credit risk.

Principles of Loan Structure

Principles of Loan Structure presents the key concepts to consider when structuring a loan, and demonstrates how structuring techniques can be used to mitigate credit and transaction risk.

Edge Development Group also offers instruction in two additional key content areas.  These workshops are designed to complement the instruction presented in Edge’s core curriculum, and are an excellent choice for experienced bankers or as continuing education for bankers who have completed their basic credit training.


The cash flow of a business is often the key determinant of successful loan repayment, yet some cash flow concepts can be challenging.  This workshop reviews core techniques for analyzing credit risk, with an in-depth look at how each factor influences a company’s debt repayment capacity.


This workshop challenges learners to build on their credit skills to investigate the true nature of a company’s borrowing needs and its potential sources of repayment, and to propose loan structures that are appropriate in various situations.

Finally, Edge Development Group offers two courses for Private Bankers who are responsible for making personal and business loans.


Introduction to Private Bank Lending is a self-study course that provides a broad look into the many aspects of private bank lending, with an emphasis on both individual borrowers and their business interests.


Whether making loans directly to a client’s business or making a personal loan supported by the business, it is essential that private bankers have a thorough understanding of how the business operates and the credit risks involved in making the loan.  Business Fundamentals for Private Bankers is a self-study course that helps individuals develop these key skills by specifically focusing on business lending issues and the private bank client.

“Edge's instructors and credit training materials are some of the best I've ever used!" 

Credit Training Manager – Cleveland, Ohio

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