Why Use Edge?

Why Use Edge

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At Edge Development Group, our primary emphasis is working with clients to improve both business results and the performance of individual employees. We consult closely with our clients to find the most effective and practical performance improvement solutions to meet their needs. Of course, we understand that there are other providers of formal credit training that you might consider, or are currently using, to address your credit training needs.  So why use Edge?


All of Edge’s courses are designed and developed by the same authoring team.  This ensures a consistent instructional design approach, writing style, use of terminology and overall look and feel.  Accordingly, when learners take multiple Edge courses, not only do they have a beneficial learning experience, but they also feel as though they are participating in a coordinated approach to training.  Most other firms use any number of authors to write their courseware which can result in any two courses having little in common other than the company that sells them.


We pay particular attention to both the content and the instructional design of our courseware. We frequently receive feedback from our clients regarding the “readability” and “user friendly” approach found in our training materials. We do not attempt to develop new terminology or models for credit training just to try to differentiate us from our competitors.  Clients have told us that when firms do this it tends to be frustrating and can often result in the bank having to “unteach” some of the content. Our approach to content is simple.  We present, discuss and apply credit training concepts that have been effective in the banking industry for many years.  We just think we do it better.


Our entire business is centered on the instruction of credit analysis and loan structuring topics.  We do not provide sales training, leadership training or other organizational development instruction.  While these are certainly worthy training topics, we’ll leave them to be performed by other providers, many of which also provide “credit training”. We do not strive to be all things to all clients. Whether it’s our materials or our instructors, the sole focus is on providing the best credit analysis and loan structure training available.

Customer Service

Our customer service orientation is second to none:

  • We listen when you have suggestions as to our content.
  • We are available to consult on everything from training program implementation to the answers to one of our case studies, and it will never cost you a penny for our time to answer your questions or discuss your issues.
  • Our materials will arrive on time and in great condition.
  • We will not give you a hassle if you need to reschedule a training event that we are delivering.  We know that things happen and we will work with you to find a better time for your training event.
  • Any learner has the ability to email us if they have any questions on our materials whether they were a participant in a classroom workshop or are working through self-study materials. Once again, there is no charge for this service.


We prefer to compete based on the quality of our training materials.  We invite you to put our courseware side-by-side with our competitors. However, we know that cost is always a factor.  Accordingly, we offer very cost effective training solutions to our clients.  We will work with you to find the most advantageous pricing that meets your needs including offering a variety of ways to capitalize on volume discounts.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your credit training needs with you.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

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"The Edge materials are very well written and understandable."

Middle Market Lender - New York, NY

"Thanks again for consistently providing us a great quality product with truly superior customer service!"

Credit Administration Manager - Major Midwest Bank

"Your course was much better than other credit training classes I have taken - more relevant to my job and easier to understand!"

Small Business Lender - Pittsburgh, PA

"I continue to receive great feedback on your course materials, in terms of content, organization and ease of understanding."

Commercial Credit Training Manager - Indianapolis, IN

"The Edge instructor was very knowledgeable, and the workshop materials are the best I have ever seen."

Branch Banking Manager - Dallas, TX